Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Program Notes - Episode 1

Program Notes

Production Team Background

Just how did we ever get here, anyway. A look at our production team's background.

Mouse in the House! 

They may be cute, but if they take up housekeeping your RV, mice and other rodents can do serious damage. What works, and all those other ways that don't.

CyberCorner: RV Parky App

A nifty app for your Apple or Android – yes, it'll help your find RV parks, but it's oh so much more. Learn more in our podcast, or get your own by visiting the developer's website.

Rookie RV

Want to learn more about whether the RV lifestyle is for you? A few thoughts on how to learn more, without investing a bundle.

Down in the Boondocks

Some common fears about cutting the RV "umbilical cord," and really using your RV "off the grid." Help for coping.

Odds and Ends

This episode – a pop-quiz on the California condor.

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