Thursday, February 26, 2015

Program Notes - Episode 5 - February 26, 2015

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Program Notes Episode 5

Tech Talk: Refresh Your Older RV -- Install New Floor Coverings.

If your RV is beginning to look a little drab, new floor coverings might just be thing thing to bring in some new style. We examine the details of changing out the old for the new. Mentioned in our story, a unique item to keep throw rugs from getting loose in your RV. Here's a link to that product.

Rooky RV: How do you Flush this Thing? 

If you've been RVing for a while, it may seem a funny question. But for those new to the lifestyle, not knowing how to banish toilet bowl denizens can be more than just a little problematic.

This Week's Feature: Are you Pumping Bio-Diesel in Your RV?

Biodiesel used to be an option at some fuel stations. More and more, it's pump it, or go empty. An expert in the field tells us whether we should be worrying at the pump, or smiling.

RV Housekeeping: A Clean Sweep of Window and Vent Screens.

Dusty screens are a pain to clean up. We show you an easier way to clear your vision -- and your sinuses -- in less time.

Odds and Ends: 

Looking for Campground Work? It's Boot Camp Time at the KOA. One of the nation's largest campground franchises needs workers. Some make working for the big outfit the highlight of their summer. Follow this link to more information on the KOA website.

2014: A Dress Rehearsal for the 2016 National Park Service Centennial. Parks are expecting plenty of guests next year -- and 2014 visitation statistics prove it.

Your RV Podcast Listener Poll: 

Will you visit a National Park this season with your RV?

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How do you Flush This Thing?
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Program Notes - Episode 4 - February 19, 2015

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Program Notes Episode 4

Down in the Boondocks: Don't Get Your RV Stuck in the Boondocks

If your RV travels take you to the wild side, watch out for the mud -- and anything else -- that might turn your RV trip into an RV trap. Tools and tips to help you come back from your adventures.

RV Product Review: Don't let hard water make for hard times for your rig. 

Hard water can be hazardous to the sparkling appearance of your rig's outside. It can also raise plenty of problems with your plumbing. Here's a product we've tested that can go a long way to taking the hardness of out hard water -- the Stain-Less Water Filter. Check out the manufacture's website here.

Tech Talk: Troubleshooting troublesome TV reception

After a tiring day behind the wheel, there's plenty of frustration if the "tube" doesn't show your favorite show. Here's how to track down television antenna wiring problems.

This Week's Feature: The Songwriter Who May Have Made Casita Famous

George Chaffee and his ukulele spin a delightful story of traveling in those seemingly miniature travel trailers. We interview George for his interesting -- and somewhat heartbreaking -- background story. See George's wonderful tribute to the Casita on his youtube video here.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Program Notes - Episode 3 - February 12, 2015

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Program Notes Episode 3

Feature: Is Holding Tank Odor Driving You Out of Your Rolling House and Home?

It seems like every RVer fights with it, but just what can you do about this perrenial nose-tweaking issue? We'll cover some suggestions, while you cover your nose.

RV Driving Tips:  Hazard Flashers -- They're Not Just for the Shoulder Anymore 

Some think that "4-way" flashers are there when you're broken down beside the highway. We beg to differ -- using those flashers at other times may keep you and the rig from disaster.

Down in the Boondocks: Finding a Place to Camp Away from the Grid

More and more RVers are discovering that getting away from defined parks and campgrounds is the essence of self-contained RVing. We talk about how to find places to boondock all over the country. Mentioned in the podcast -- motor vehicle use maps provided by the U.S. Forest Service. Click this link to go to the Service' web page on that subject.

Rookie RVer: Is a Pop-Up RV Right for You?

Many make the transition from tent camping to RVing via a soft-sided pop-up camper. We explore the pros and cons of these teeny-tiny-towables.

Odds and Ends

While gas is headed up, diesel prices may surprise you.
Uncle Sam swings open park gates -- for free.
Camping in Michigan's cold weather.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Program Notes Episode 2 - February 5, 2015

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Program Notes Episode 2

Tanya Little on
Feature: WiFi Woes at the RV Park

To some, being without a working WiFi connection is worse than being without coffee. RVers and park owners seem to be at loggerheads over the problem. We examine the issue and provide insight on to what gives -- or doesn't.

Claudiana2008 on
Tech Talk: Faster Service at the Service Center 

Does your RV need service that only the paid professionals can provide? Some tips that might help you get your rig back in time for your big road trip. And some thoughts on how you can really alienate the service personnel if you're not in a hurry.

One website provides customer reviews of RV service centers across the country.

Product Review: Purple Line Trailer Movers

Maneuver your trailer in and out of tight spaces, up hill, down hill, backward and forward -- all without being hitched up to your tow rig. An innovative product hits the U.S. market, and the YourRVPodcast staff installs, tests, and reports on the system.

Learn more about these movers on the company website.

RV Housekeeping Hints: Caring for Upholstery Spills in Your RV

Whether your sofa is layered in leather, or smothered in vinyl, dropped foods and other staining substances can raise Cain with your furniture. Tips on heading off a disaster -- and what to do when the food falls. Follow this link for tips on cleaning upholstery featured on the show.

Odds and Ends

Think the price of gas is high? Try running your rig on other liquids.

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