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Program Notes Episode 2 - February 5, 2015

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Program Notes Episode 2

Tanya Little on
Feature: WiFi Woes at the RV Park

To some, being without a working WiFi connection is worse than being without coffee. RVers and park owners seem to be at loggerheads over the problem. We examine the issue and provide insight on to what gives -- or doesn't.

Claudiana2008 on
Tech Talk: Faster Service at the Service Center 

Does your RV need service that only the paid professionals can provide? Some tips that might help you get your rig back in time for your big road trip. And some thoughts on how you can really alienate the service personnel if you're not in a hurry.

One website provides customer reviews of RV service centers across the country.

Product Review: Purple Line Trailer Movers

Maneuver your trailer in and out of tight spaces, up hill, down hill, backward and forward -- all without being hitched up to your tow rig. An innovative product hits the U.S. market, and the YourRVPodcast staff installs, tests, and reports on the system.

Learn more about these movers on the company website.

RV Housekeeping Hints: Caring for Upholstery Spills in Your RV

Whether your sofa is layered in leather, or smothered in vinyl, dropped foods and other staining substances can raise Cain with your furniture. Tips on heading off a disaster -- and what to do when the food falls. Follow this link for tips on cleaning upholstery featured on the show.

Odds and Ends

Think the price of gas is high? Try running your rig on other liquids.

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