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Program Notes - Episode 3 - February 12, 2015

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Program Notes Episode 3

Feature: Is Holding Tank Odor Driving You Out of Your Rolling House and Home?

It seems like every RVer fights with it, but just what can you do about this perrenial nose-tweaking issue? We'll cover some suggestions, while you cover your nose.

RV Driving Tips:  Hazard Flashers -- They're Not Just for the Shoulder Anymore 

Some think that "4-way" flashers are there when you're broken down beside the highway. We beg to differ -- using those flashers at other times may keep you and the rig from disaster.

Down in the Boondocks: Finding a Place to Camp Away from the Grid

More and more RVers are discovering that getting away from defined parks and campgrounds is the essence of self-contained RVing. We talk about how to find places to boondock all over the country. Mentioned in the podcast -- motor vehicle use maps provided by the U.S. Forest Service. Click this link to go to the Service' web page on that subject.

Rookie RVer: Is a Pop-Up RV Right for You?

Many make the transition from tent camping to RVing via a soft-sided pop-up camper. We explore the pros and cons of these teeny-tiny-towables.

Odds and Ends

While gas is headed up, diesel prices may surprise you.
Uncle Sam swings open park gates -- for free.
Camping in Michigan's cold weather.

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  1. Looking for the notes on boondocking but not seeing anything. Am I missing something?

  2. No, blame podcast staffers (us) for the goof. Please check the entry got Down in the Boondocks -- we've added the missing link.