Thursday, February 19, 2015

Program Notes - Episode 4 - February 19, 2015

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Program Notes Episode 4

Down in the Boondocks: Don't Get Your RV Stuck in the Boondocks

If your RV travels take you to the wild side, watch out for the mud -- and anything else -- that might turn your RV trip into an RV trap. Tools and tips to help you come back from your adventures.

RV Product Review: Don't let hard water make for hard times for your rig. 

Hard water can be hazardous to the sparkling appearance of your rig's outside. It can also raise plenty of problems with your plumbing. Here's a product we've tested that can go a long way to taking the hardness of out hard water -- the Stain-Less Water Filter. Check out the manufacture's website here.

Tech Talk: Troubleshooting troublesome TV reception

After a tiring day behind the wheel, there's plenty of frustration if the "tube" doesn't show your favorite show. Here's how to track down television antenna wiring problems.

This Week's Feature: The Songwriter Who May Have Made Casita Famous

George Chaffee and his ukulele spin a delightful story of traveling in those seemingly miniature travel trailers. We interview George for his interesting -- and somewhat heartbreaking -- background story. See George's wonderful tribute to the Casita on his youtube video here.

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Down in the Boondocks theme: shorthopper, "jack-n-jill-guitar-banjo", on under license. 
La Casita Me Bonita (on our feature), George Chaffee, by permission. 
Spinning tires on Down in the Boondocks: Klankbeeld on, under license.

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  1. Hello Russ and Tina,
    Welcome to the small but growing ranks of RV podcasters. The show sounds great with really good and timely content.

  2. @John and Kathy: Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for taking time out for a listen. We hear that Kathy has hit a big pothole on the road of life -- hope things go well for you both. R and T