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Your RV Podcast Program Notes - Episode 6 - March 5, 2015

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R&T De Maris
RV Boondocking: Getting Out the Sewage -- With a Blue Boy!

Apologies to the famous artwork, but the RVer's Blue Boy is a handy way of disposing of black and gray water without having to move the RV. A few tips on how to use -- and sometimes improve, these nifty necessities.   

R&T De Maris
This Week's Feature: Travel Gems -- Utah's Little Grand Canyon. 

It may not be the same as Arizona's Grand Canyon, but for starry nights, majestic scenery, and artwork from ancient cultures, all without crowds, you can't beat the the haunting landscape of the San Rafael Swell. The local tourism agency provides excellent directions, and additional information. Click here to get it.

US Fish & Wildlife Service
RV Driving Tips: Watch Out! Road Gator Ahead!

Those nasty rubber reptiles inhabiting the highways and byways of America can jump up and do severe damage to your rig. Here's how to catch them, before they catch you.

Cyber Corner: Keeping Your Privacy While Using Public WiFi

Nasty criminals may lurk at your favorite Starbucks or McDonalds, just waiting to intercept your private Internet communications. We share tips on how to protect your cyber privacy from skulking stalkers.

dwstucke on
Odds and Ends: Pilot/Flying J Pulls the Rug on RVers

Just when you thought you really had discounts on fuel, propane, and RV dumping fees, one of the nation's largest truck stop and travel plazas pulls the plug on a good deal. And a how so-called "isolated incidents" can short-change you at the fuel pump.

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