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Your RV Podcast Program Notes - Episode 7 - March 12, 2015

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Rookie RV:  Is There a Slide-Out too Far?

Can you run your RV slide-out too far out? How to do you take care of these wonderful rooms that make room out of thin air? We answer these questions that puzzle new RVers -- and add a few other points.    

This Week's Feature: Tips for the Solo RVing Woman 

Janet Groene, an experienced solo RVer, answers questions in our interview. How can the woman who solo RVs overcome fears? Are there dangers lurking on the roadways? How about a support network?

Janet's years of RVing experience will delight RVers of all genders. The author of numerous books, thousands of articles, and publisher of multiple blogs -- all on RVing, you'll enjoy her insights.  Visit Janet's website devoted to women who RV.

RV Tech Talk: Get the Real Chill from Your RV Air Conditioner

You may not believe it, but the heat is already on in some parts of the country. Even if you're still up to your knees in white stuff, we provide pre-season maintenance and service tips to ready your RVs "chiller" to keep you refreshed in the long, hot summer ahead.

Our discusstion centers on both inside work you can do now -- even if there's a ton of the white stuff piled up at your house -- and the outside work to undertake when your weather improves.

RV Mailbag: Our listeners sound off. 

We love to hear from you, and this week, we share some of the communiques we've received. Please keep them coming -- they help us refine our show to make it truly Your RV Podcast.

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