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Program Notes -- Episode 12 -- April 16, 2015

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Cyber Corner: Keeping it on the Level -- There's an app for that!

Making sure your RV is level is good to keep things comfortable, but it's also essential so as to keep that expensive refrigerator happy -- and undamaged. We review an app for Android and Apple users that makes the job easier. And if you're an in-cab gadget junkie, this app turns your device into a super inclinometer, too! Android users, click here to go direct to the Play Store to download free. Apple users, here's a link to the app in iTunes.

Housekeeping Hints: Outfitting Your RV -- Without Breaking the Bank

Having an RV is like having a second home. How can you stock your rolling home with the stuff you need (and without having to rob your stick-house) without a financial rupture? We give some great suggestions, and point you to a great product that will save you space in your RV galley. Click here for more information on a collapsible kitchen set. 

RV Tech Talk: Bring Your Sleeping RV to Wakefulness Part 2

In our last episode we walked through a systemic approach to de-winterizing your RV and making sure it's ready to hit the highway, applicable to all sorts of RVs. This week we give special information for trailer users, motorhome owners, and folks with generators.

This Week's Feature: Is Walmart Overnight RV Parking Going Away?
It's a controversial practice. Many RVers love the ability to park free, overnight at Walmarts across the country. But plenty of RV park owners and some municipal governments are making waves. Just when you thought it couldn't get any dicier, a shooting involving "overnighters" in a Walmart lot breaks out in Arizona, drawing plenty of press attention.

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