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Program Notes -- Episode 13 -- April 23, 2015

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Down in the Boondocks: Inverters -- Take Shore Power With You -- but Leave the Generator at Home 

Power inverters can help the RVer have power for all sorts of shore-power appliances and tools. Here's how to select the kind your need, and figure out how much power you'll need to "feed it." Click these links for a selection of both low-cost modified sine wave inverters, or for a selection of true sine wave inverters. For worksheets to help you figure it out, click here.

RV Product Review: Finally, a Sewer Hose That Could Outlive Your RV

We've torture tested Thetford's "SmartDrain" RV sewer hose and accessory kit. Here's our candid viewpoint after several years of real-life use. Click here for retail information. 

This Week's Feature: RV Fire -- Can You Get Out in Time?

RV fire safety expert, Mac McCoy, "Mac the Fire Guy" explains just how and why RVs are so dangerous when on fire. He explains what all RVers should do NOW -- practical suggestions that can safe the lives of you and your loved ones. Click here to visit Mac's website for more information.

Music credits for this episode:  "This Week's Feature" theme: Soni Ventorum Wind Quartet, performing: Danzi's Wind Quartet Opus 67 No. 3 in E-Flat Major. Fabian Measures, "Music of the Strings" (end of feature story). Both on on  

Photo credits:  Inverter: Anani Sikim on wikimedia org
. Motorhome fire: oliver.dodd on All others, including RV photo used in link to MP3 file, R & T De Maris. 

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  1. Very helpful especially in terms of fire situations and how to prepare in advance. I will follow the warnings beginning right now!