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Program Notes -- Episode 15 -- May 7, 2015

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RV Tech Talk: Silencing Noisy RV Water Pumps

If silence is golden, a noisy RV water pump can tarnish your experience. Our tips will help you bring golden silence back to your rig. Here are some thinks we reference that might help: Double-stick Velcro tape. Pipe insulation. RV water accumulator tanks.

RV Buying Experience: Towables -- Putting Your RV Behind You

This week, an introductory guide to towable RVs – what they are, what they cost, and help to see if they're right for you. 

Image: Left to right, top to bottom: Fifth-wheel. Conventional travel trailer. Pop-out trailer. Pop-up trailer. Toy hauler.

RV Driving Tips:  Fear Not Urban RV Driving

If you'd rather drive down a steep grade a dozen times than to try and cross a busy urban streetscape just once, we can help. Tips for negotiating heavy traffic with a big RV.

This Week's Feature: Traveling with your pets.

We interview a traveling pet expert who'll explain just what you and your furry friends need to do to make your RV experience together happy and safe. In the segment we talk about dealing with pet motion sickness. Here's a link to some products that may help.

Music credits for this episode:  "This Week's Feature" theme: Soni Ventorum Wind Quartet, performing: Danzi's Wind Quartet Opus 67 No. 3 in E-Flat Major. Theme music for "RV Buying Experience": The Freak Fandango Orchestra performing Hitmans Lovesong feat. Paola G. Both on on  

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Ear: Towable collage: Traffic jam: Robert Jack on Wikimedia Commons.  All others, including RV photo used in link to MP3 file, R & T De Maris. 

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