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Program Notes -- Episode 16 -- May 14, 2015

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Rookie RVer:  Is Your RV Overweight?

Fifth-wheel or motorhome, they all have plenty of storage space to stuff – and stuff 'em we do. But just because you have the space, doesn't mean you have the weight capacity to safely load it to the gills. Learn what you need to know about weight limits, and how to determine if you're traveling safe. Click here more information on weight ratings. 

RV Buying Experience: 
What's That Kind All About?

In the final part of our introduction to this new, occasional department, we explore those 'off the beaten path' RVs, truck campers. Want more help matching a truck and camper? Click here. 

RV Boondocking: 
How safe is pavement boondocking at the truck stop?

A real-life experience highlights the importance of taking the right precautions when overnighting at truck stops. 

RV Housekeeping: 
Is Outdoor Cooking for You?

The how and why of cooking outside your RV, and some handy products that help. Click here to learn more about a great outdoor "range," or here to find out about a griddle that can help you feed hungry hoards. 

Feature: New Group Dedicated to Working-Age RVers -- Xscapers

We interview the founders of a new RV interest group, a spin-off of the Escapees RV Club. Links? We got 'em. Go here to visit the Escapees web site, or here to check out more about Xscapers

Music credits for this episode:  "This Week's Feature" theme: Soni Ventorum Wind Quartet, performing: Danzi's Wind Quartet Opus 67 No. 3 in E-Flat Major. Theme music for "RV Buying Experience": The Freak Fandango Orchestra performing Hitmans Lovesong feat. Paola G. End music on Odds and Ends, Fabian Measures performing Hanami Matsuri, all on  

Photo credits:

Overloaded truck, Peter Krimbacher, Moebius1, on Mashed car: Dave and Shirley, by permission. Xscapers: All others, including RV photo used in link to MP3 file, R & T De Maris. 

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