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Program Notes -- Episode 17 -- May 21, 2015

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Rookie RVer:  Fresh Water 101

Dealing with what may be the mysteries and intricacies of both fresh water supplied from a hose in an RV park, to that you haul in your fresh water tank. Click here for more information on where to buy some of the equipment we mention in the story.

RV Driving Tips: Don't Drag Your Tail

Save the whales? Save your tail! Techniques and equipment that can keep your RV's rear end from dragging on the pavement. Here's a source of equipment that you can add to your motorhome or trailer to help

Down in the Boondocks: 
Is a Generator Exhaust System Extension Right for You?

When out in the boonies, running a generator poses few dangers for neighboring RVers. But put the rig into a crowd, and generator exhaust can go where it shouldn't. Is a generator extension system right for the job? Link here to one popular exhaust system. Or here for real safety -- carbon monoxide detectors


Excuses We Couldn't Have Made Up -- Even if We Wanted to. 

Last week we promised you information on Southern California boondocking spots. But sad to say, we don't have much to share – listen to our segment for something beyond, "The dog ate my homework." Well, here's one Southern California boondocking spot that we did manage to cover -- information on the Mecca Hills Wilderness area

Music credits:  "This Week's Feature" theme: Soni Ventorum Wind Quartet, performing: Danzi's Wind Quartet Opus 67 No. 3 in E-Flat Major. Theme music for "RV Buying Experience": The Freak Fandango Orchestra performing Hitmans Lovesong feat, all on  

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Generator exhaust system:  Dragon and water droplets: Public domain. All others, including RV photo used in link to MP3 file, R & T De Maris. 

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