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Program Notes -- Episode 18 -- May 28, 2015

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Cyber Corner: Hold Down Those Data Overages!

There's nothing more of a spoiler than open your cellular bill and find out it resembles the national debt. With all those "gotta have" downloads, it's easy to roll over the top of your data usage limit. Tips to keep your cell data bill in line. If on-line routing maps are shooting your data charges skyward, here's an app that is resident on your phone or tablet -- no more data charges while driving. Here for Android, or here for iPhone.

RV Product Review: Themacell Bug Repelling Camp Lanterns 

If you're tired of being feasted on by winged bloodsuckers of the insect kind, you wonder if those amazing bug repellers that double as a camp lantern really work. We put one to the test among hoards of hungry mosquitoes -- and lived to tell about it. Click here to get more information on the Thermacell lantern, or here for refill packs

RV Tech Talk: Does Your Engine Play "Knock-Knock" Jokes When You Come Out of the Hills?

Engine knocking isn't any fun -- sometimes it can be downright frightening. We examine the cause of some engine knocking that might surprise you -- one with an easy fix. 

Rookie RVer:  Backing Up the Beast

If you're new to the RVing game, you may rule out buying a travel trailer, simply because you can't imagine how you could back it up. Fear not! We provide simple steps that when applied with a bit of practice, can help you back up a trailer like a pro. 

FeatureState Windshield Laws -- Those Klingons Can Cost You, Captain! 

RVers love their GPS units -- and sticking them to the windshield is a natural. Police love GPS units on windshields -- their a natural for sticking you with a ticket. An in-depth discussion with solutions. For more information on state laws regarding windshield "attachments," click here. Here's a product that will help you stick your suction-cup mounted GPS to your dashboard. Or if you'd prefer, these products will "bean bag" your devices.  Can you use a radar detector? This link will show you the way to a 50-state law consideration

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