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Program Notes -- Episode 19 -- June 4, 2015

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RV Buying Experience: 
Don't Let Air Brakes Take the Wind Out of Your Purchase

For some, the expression, air brakes, is frightening, conjuring up images of truck crashes. But to the contrary, air brakes are extremely safe, and not difficult to learn to operate. With a large number of diesel pusher motorhomes sold with air brakes, don't cut yourself off from a potential rig just because air brakes are part of the package. 

Rookie RVer:  Getting to Know Your RV Air Conditioner

While the principles of RV air conditioners are the same as for those at home, some are a little buffaloed by the controls and a few operational tricks. We take away the mystery. 

Product Review: Endless Breeze RV Fan

Keeping the air moving in your RV can make a world of difference in a comfortable experience, without having to use the air conditioner. We give our candid opinions of a 12-volt RV fan after years of real-world use. Here's a link to where you can learn more, or buy, your own breeze-maker

RV Housekeeping: 
Make Your RV Oven Work Like it Really Should

Uneven baking results? Struggles to light the pilot? Why can't an RV oven be more like the one back home? Learn about some practical suggestions that can make your experiences with your RV oven more like Julia Child's than Olive Oyl's.  In the story we comment about a digital oven thermometer that can make getting along with your oven easier -- here's a link to it

Feature: Don't Let Your Travel Trailer Become a Runaway

Hitching up the trailer for a trip? Listen to some safety suggestions that can help keep your travel trailer where it belongs: Securely hitched up behind your tow vehicle. We explore hitches, safety chains, and more. Some may consider adding an extra line of defense against loosing their hitch ball -- here's a product that can help

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