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Program Notes -- Episode 20 -- June 11, 2015

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RV Tech Talk: Mystery Toilet Splashes

Reports of puddles mysteriously appearing around RV toilets flood the Internet. Could it be small alien creatures mistaking the bowl for the bath? Regardless of cause, it's a frustration for the RVer tasked with drying up the floor. We investigate -- and offer possible solutions. 

Cyber Corner:  Make the Road Shorter With an Audio Book

Driving America's back roads, there's plenty to see to keep the mind occupied and pleased. But what happens when your road travels take you over endless miles of Interstate boredom? Audiobooks can make the journey seem shorter, while entertaining you at the same time. We delve into these auditory lifesavers, and provide tips on where to find a few free ones, or a wide selection of contemporary titles available commercially. The latter offers a free month's membership with two free audio books. 

Down in the Boondocks:  Keeping Your RV Cool, Without Using Tons of Power

Just because the weather is warm doesn't mean you'll necessarily have to fire up that noisy air conditioner -- or a fuel-sucking generator. We provide some simple tips to keep your rig cooler. Follow this link to an evaporative cooler than can keep the temp down as much as 30 degrees below ambient air temperature. Or this link will take you to an inexpensive device that will transform your awning area to a cool space. 

RV Driving Tips: When NOT to Use Your Cruise Control 

Your rig's cruise control can be great for keeping your speed level, and your foot cramp-free. But there are times when your cruise control can turn from being a friend into a mortal enemy. We sort out the details to keep you and others safe on the road.  

Odds and Ends: Full Moon Ranger Tours -- For Lunar-Ticks

Listen to more about how Desert Southwest visitors can still get their hiking in, without perishing from triple-digit daytime temperatures. Click here to visit Joshua Tree National Park

Feature: "Good Sam" Offers Free RV Dump Stations -- Is it Really So? 

The world's largest RV club says "join up" and you'll get a host of great benefits. Included are "free" dump stations available to members. Is the "benefit" all that it's cracked up to be? 

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