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Program Notes -- Episode 21 -- June 18, 2015

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Rookie RVer: 
Can You Trust Those Holding Tank Gauges? 

Considered by many RVers to be the most prone-to-prevarication device of the entire rig, holding tank gauges are indeed, prone to misinformation. We provide few tips on trying to help them clean up their act. If all else fails, consider installing a new gauge system that's build on a more truthful reporting system -- click here for details

RV Buying Experience: 
Don't be Oversold When RV Shopping -- Get the Right Size for You 

To hear the RV salesman tell it, bigger has gotta be better. There are plenty of good reasons why smaller can be a lot better, but really, the bottom line is your personal needs. We explore how to get just the right size to fit your needs. 

Down in the Boondocks:  
Balancing Shade -- Keeping Cool While Keeping Your Solar Panels happy

Hot weather got you down? How can you keep your rig in the shade, but give your solar panels adequate exposure to Sol? A few suggestions that could help you strike the elusive balance. 

RV Tech Talk: Be Safe When Plugging Into Shore Power

One would think that plugging your RV into a shore power connection is as simple as plugging in a lamp back home. Not so fast -- a miswired or poorly maintained RV park power supply can result in equipment damage, injuries, even death. Check your shore power supply before you plug in with easy tips. Looking for information on products we mentioned in the story? Click here for information on a low-cost circuit tester. Need an adapter for 30 amp plugs? Check here. Or if your rig needs an adapter for 30 to 50 amp, look here. Or go "whole hog" and get a 30 amp analyzer here, or a 50 amp analyzer here. 

Odds and Ends: Changes Coming to Escapees and Xscapers Clubs

If ever you'd thought about joining the Escapees or its associate club for younger, working-age RVers, now might be the best time to do it.  Visit the club's website for more information. 

Feature: Geocaching! The Great RV Sport

If you haven't already tried it, it's time you did. A high-tech hide and seek game that can improve your physical and mental health -- and be fun at the same time. Click here for a link to a wide range of products mentioned in the story.

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