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Program Notes -- Episode 22 -- June 25, 2015

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Rookie RV:  RVer -- Tilt that Awning!

When you make it into camp and extend that awning for that oh-so-heavenly shade, don't pull out the lawn chairs just yet. It's important to tilt your awning to increase its chances of survival in foul weather. Tips for both manual, and electronic versions.

Down in the Boondocks: Don't Get Your RV Stuck in the Boondocks

If your RV travels take you to the wild side, watch out for the mud -- and anything else -- that might turn your RV trip into an RV trap. Tools and tips to help you come back from your adventures.

RV Housekeeping: Wet Wipes -- They're Not Just for Kiddies Anymore

The common wet wipe has a myriad of uses, other than just the obvious ones. Inside, outside, all around the RV you'll find wet wipes useful for dealing with the RV -- and your own personal care as well.

Something Special: New RV Blog -- ICanRV Blog is Coming

As we mentioned in the show, a new RV blog will soon hit the Internet. Be sure to let us know if you'd like to be added to our notification list. Use the "Contact" button to the right and let us know by e-mail.

Cyber-Corner: Do-it-Yourself LED Awning Light Strip 

You've probably seen them -- maybe admired them. Long, colorful LED light strips that illuminate, change color, even form patterns. There's no need to spend over $100 to buy one. This do-it-yourself project slashes the cost, and eliminates the need for shore power to operate. Click here for more information and links to a "how-to" video and sources for parts.

This Week's Feature: The Songwriter Who May Have Made Casita Famous

George Chaffee and his ukulele spin a delightful story of traveling in those seemingly miniature travel trailers. We interview George for his interesting -- and somewhat heartbreaking -- background story. See George's wonderful tribute to the Casita on his youtube video here.

Music credits:  "This Week's Feature" theme: Soni Ventorum Wind Quartet, performing: Danzi's Wind Quartet Opus 67 No. 3 in E-Flat Major. Theme music for "RV Buying Experience": The Freak Fandango Orchestra performing Hitmans Lovesong feat. Paola G. End music on Cyber Corner, Fabian Measures performing Hanami Matsuri, all on  La Casita Me Bonita (on our feature), George Chaffee, by permission. 

Photo credits:

RV awing: U.S. Forest Service. Stuck truck: Ben Towsend on RV awing light strip: FPV Dee on "Blog" logo, public domain image. George Chaffee, by George Chaffee.  All others, including RV photo used in link to MP3 file, R & T De Maris. 

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