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Program Notes -- Episode 23 -- July 2, 2015

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Rookie RV:  Should I Balance My Trailer Tires?

Balance your motorhome tires -- not a question. But travel trailer and fifth wheel tires? Is it worth the expense and hassle? What are the returns if you do? We help you get your balance without tiring in this segment.

RV Driving Tip: Watch Out for Tail Swing!

A simply law of physics can turn the rear corner of your RV into mashed materials. Here's what to watch out for -- and how to determine just how much danger of tail swing disaster is in store for your RV.

RV Buying Experience: Should You Shop for an RV on Craigslist?

We've all seen the warnings: There are scammers aplenty on this Internet classified service. Is it safe to even think about buying on RV through the service? We examine the issue at length.

Something Special: New RV Blog -- ICanRV Blog is Coming

As we mentioned in the show, a new RV blog will soon hit the Internet. Be sure to let us know if you'd like to be added to our notification list. Use the "Contact" button to the right and let us know by e-mail.

RV Housekeeping: Getting Rid of Deadly Refrigerator Odors

From decomposing fish to rotten eggs, your RV refrigerator has a "memory" for odors that beats that of the common pachyderm. If you suffer from the smelly refrigerator syndrome, here are some tips that may help your nose.

RV Tech Talk: How to Best Monitor Your RV Battery Condition

Keeping your batteries at the proper charge level will help them live longer, and make your RVing experience less troublesome. But flipping the switch on the panel that says, "Good, Weak, or Charge" isn't always a way of knowing the truth. Here's a link to digital test equipment mentioned in the segment. And here's a link to hydrometers. And go here to print out a chart to help you determine your battery bank's true condition.

This Week's Feature: Getting by With a Little Help from - Your RV Friends

We all need help with RVing problems from time to time. There's a wealth of experience and help available, just for the asking.

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