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Program Notes -- Episode 24 -- July 9, 2015

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RV Tech Talk: Pumps That Go Bump in the Night

It's almost the stuff from a horror movie -- that little sound that pulls you out of your sleep, leaving you with goose flesh. It isn't Dracula tapping at the window -- it's that RV water pump, indicating that there's a leak somewhere in your rig.

Rookie RV:  How Fast Should You Drive That Rig?

Stay with the pack? Drop behind them? Get out in front? Traveling with your RV down America's highways can leave you in a quandry. Just how fast should really drive that motorhome or tow rig with a trailer behind?

Down in the Boondocks: Will This "System" Really Save Tank Space -- and At What cost? 

There's an interesting "system" being pitched at boondockers. One that purports to save you fresh water, and save space in your holding tanks. It sounds good in principle, but what about in practice? After you listen in, here's where you can get more information.

Something Special: New RV Blog -- ICanRV Blog is Coming

As we mentioned in the show, a new RV blog will soon hit the Internet. Be sure to let us know if you'd like to be added to our notification list. Use the "Contact" button to the right and let us know by e-mail.

This Week's Feature: Ants in the RV!

With at least 200,000 ants on earth for every man, woman, and child, it shouldn't come as a surprise if these enterprising insects invite themselves into your rig. Listen as we help you 'pull the welcome mat' and urge these persistent pests to go elsewhere. And here's a link to something that may help you in your quest.

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